The collection is drawn from Alberto Giacometti’s entire creative life, from his earliest efforts to his very last. It reflects every major aspect of his work and casts light on some unexpected facets of his oeuvre.

It is especially rich in examples from the early years until his breakthrough to the avant-garde; the Foundation also possesses roughly half of Giacometti’s rare Surrealist constructions. A further highlight is afforded by the sculptures from 1947 to 1950: there are examples of virtually all of the artist’s major pieces from this crucial phase of his work in the form of early bronze casts, some of them painted. The Foundation’s more than 80 original plasters constitute a collection comparable only with that of the Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti in Paris, which comprises the greater part of the artist’s estate.

Today the Foundation holds 170 sculptures, 20 paintings, 80 drawings, 23 sketchbooks, 39 books containing marginalia, the two most significant series of prints and 20 individual printed works by Alberto Giacometti, alongside a few works by other artists, including important likenesses of Alberto as rendered by Giovanni Giacometti.

Complete list of works

For the location of specific works see the last column, where they are designated BS for Kunstmuseum Basel or W for Kunstmuseum Winterthur. All other pieces are to be found at the Kunsthaus Zürich.
Giacometti Selbstbildnis 1925

Self-Portrait, 1925

Plaster, height 41 cm