The Foundation

The Alberto Giacometti Foundation is the leading museum collection of works by the Swiss sculptor, painter and graphic artist Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966).

It was established in 1965 in Zurich by a group of art-lovers including Hans C. Bechtler who had acquired the Giacometti works in the possession of Pittsburgh industrialist G. David Thompson. Thompson had collected a series of key sculptures from the artist’s avant-garde period (1925 to 1934) along with examples of most of his major works from 1947 to 1950, the greatest flowering of his creativity. Giacometti himself contributed some later works of his own, consisting of a group of drawings and several paintings, and in 2006 Bruno and Odette Giacometti presented the Foundation with 75 plasters and 15 bronzes from the artist’s estate.

Today the Foundation holds 170 sculptures, 20 paintings, 80 drawings, 23 sketchbooks, 39 books containing marginalia, and prints, drawn from Alberto Giacometti’s entire creative life, from his earliest efforts to his very last, reflecting every major aspect of his work and affording an insight into numerous surprising facets of his oeuvre.

The bulk of the Alberto Giacometti’s collection is stored at the Kunsthaus Zürich, where it is on permanent display. The Kunsthaus is also home to the Foundation’s administration and documentation. A quarter of the original holdings is exhibited at the Kunstmuseum Basel, and ten percent at the Kunstmuseum Winterthur.

The Board of Trustees

Alexander Jolles

Dr. Christian Klemm
Vice Chairman

Rudolf Bechtler

Dr. Christoph Becker
Director of the Kunsthaus Zürich

Dr. Anton Bucher-Bechtler

Annette Bühler

Dr. Josef Helfenstein
Director of the Kunstmuseum Basel

RA Prof. Dr. Philippe Meier

Dr. Dieter Schwarz
Director of the Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Peter Steiner

Dr. Peter Uhlmann

Dr. Philippe Büttner
Managing Director

As of September 2015

Giacometti Selbstbildnis 1921

Self-Portrait, 1921

Oil, 82.5 x 72 cm