Head on a Rod, 1947
Tête sur tige

The ‘Tête sur tige’ evokes the wondrous yet terrifying aspects of the new perception, which blends intense presence with deathly fixation. Giacometti had already given expression to these two aspects in the ‘Tête crane’ of his late Surrealist phase; but now, through the almost realistic, craggy treatment, he achieves a vastly more intense expression, horrifying in its thematic associations and visually captivating with its unfathomable state of arousal.

Plaster, painted
50 x 12.5 x 17 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, on permanent loan from the Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung, 1965
This work is on long-term loan to the Kunstmuseum Basel
Object number
GS 033
inscr. on plinth, left (with paintbrush): Alberto Giacometti; on plinth, right (in pencil): Alberto
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  • Alberto Giacometti