Albert E. Brinckmann: Barockskulptur (Teil 1)

Illustrated book with 5 drawings and side notes.

– p. 93: good copy of fig. 83: ‘Michelangelo, Grablegung. Florenz’.

– p. 131: cursory copy of fig. 121: ‘Germain Pilon: Kniefigur Henri II, St. Denis’.

– p. 136: small detail copy of the Eve from fig. 129: ‘Robert Coppens: Sündenfall, Alabaster-Relief, Schwerin’.

– p. 194: copy of the crucifix from fig. 200 ‘Ditterich: Kreuzigungsgruppe, Wolfenbüttel’.

– p. 206: intensive copies in the ‘angular’, manner, i.e. probably around 1940, of the head from fig. 216, the head and body from fig. 217 and the torso from fig. 218: ‘Ludwig Münstermann: Apostel, Varel’.

– With a bookplate ‘Bogousslavsky’ on the rear flyleaf.

The book is held in the library of the Kunsthaus Zürich with the reference code P 231:52

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Pencil on paper
28.5 x 22.5 cm
Kunsthaus Zürich, Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung, 2016
Object number
GS 418