Friedrich Schiller: Werke (Teil 3–5: Dramen, 1908)

Illustrated book with 14 drawings. On nine pages: figures in costume, sketches after a violinist (Bruno?) and a flautist, caricatures, scribbles.

– On the front and rear flyleaves (pencil, rear also red crayon): two figures and circles, owner’s name ‘Alberto Giacometti’ in schoolboy hand.

– On half-title page: full-page scribble suggestive of shapes.

– In 3rd section on p. 160: page?

– In 3rd section on p. 193: figure with sword.

– In 3rd section on p. 245: small geometric diagrams.

– In 3rd section on p. 247: 2 figures in historical costume (Carlos and Lerma?).

– In 3rd section on pp. 267 and 268: the same motif three times, very sketchy: upper body and head, with violin laid down (Bruno?), cf. p. 295.

– In 3rd section on pp. 272 and 273: p. 272: caricature of a head in profile p. 273: sketchy: flute player in profile.

– In 3rd section on p. 281: figure with hat in early 15th-century style.

– In 3rd section on p. 285: costumed figure, the Grand Inquisitor?

– In 3rd section on p. 295: same motif as p. 267f, somewhat clearer.

– In 4th section on p. 151: figure in costume.

– In 4th section on p. 254: caricatures: head with moustache, figure in uniform, cleric front-on.

– Rear flyleaf: bowing figure (?), horseman in fashionable costume around 1550 (pencil), outline of a man waving a dagger (red crayon).

The book is held in the library of the Kunsthaus Zürich with the reference code P 231:28

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Pencil and pen on paper
18.5 cm
Kunsthaus Zürich, Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung, Donated by Bruno and Odette Giacometti, 1998
Object number
GS 209