Hedwig Fechheimer: Die Plastik der Ägypter (1920)

Illustrated book with 19 drawings.

– p. 5: two heads (cursory sketches, early).

– p. 37: standing woman (largely erased, late 1940s).

– p. 39: triangle.

– Plate 1: Pyramid of Chefren: outline traced and a few further lines.

– Plate 2: fragmentary column with pencil additions.

– In the side margins, plate. 19: copies after plates 18 and 19: face (front-on) and seated statue (profile) of Nofret (c. 2800 BC, Cairo) (sketchy, relatively early).

– Plate. 21: copy of the middle figure of the limestone group depicted (c. 2800 BC, Leiden), very elongated (late 1940s, cf. plates 32, 74, 76).

– Above plate 25: copy after plate 24: head of the statue of Chefren, profile (c. 2800 BC. [= Khafre, c. 2520–2494], Cairo), head, very fine, with parallel hachuring, early; Horus falcon with more cursory variant, later.

– To the right next to plate 28: copy after the head of the woman in the limestone group (c. 2700 BC, Berlin), fine, early.

– Plates 30–31: marked pages with star on the outside top.

– To the right next to plate 32: copy after the limestone statue of Ranofer (c. 2600 BC, Cairo), attenuated, half erased, late 1940s, cf. plates 74, 76.

– Above plate 35: copy after plate 34: head of the statue of Ti (c. 2600 BC, Cairo), upper half of face, intensive; mature.

– Plates 52–53: pressed-through lines of a copy on a separate sheet after plate 50: head of a colossal statue of Senwosret III. (c. 1860 BC, Cairo).

– Margin note in pencil to the left next to plate 64: ‘A Firenze meraviglioso busto da Uomo in pietra rossa e due statue donne sedute o annicchiate poi una piccola testa di Ramses’.

– To the right next to plate 74: copy after a wooden statuette, female robed figure with bent arm, c. 1400 BC, Berlin, slightly elongated, half erased; late 1940s.

– Right next to plate 76: copy after a wooden statuette, nude, female, c. 1400 BC, Berlin, energetic, late 1940s.

– To the right next to plate 93: copy after a male mask from Tell el-Amarna (c. 1370 BC, Berlin), transposed into the mature style.

– Plate 102: granite head of Mentemhêt (c. 670 BC, Cairo): pencil additions to the nose, chin and beard.

– Plate 103: obsidian head (c. 600 BC?, MacGregor collection, Tamworth), three copies, right: c. 1935; two below: late.

– Plate 105: head of green slate, profile (c. 600 BC, Berlin) additions to nose, with pencil.

– Next to plate 113: copy of the striding figure in profile from the wooden panel of Hesi-re (c. 2800 BC, Cairo) from plate 112, stylized (interesting, c. 1950).

– Right next to plate 115: head of a prince from Medum (relief) (c. 2800 BC, Berlin).

– Plate 168 verso: Corvatsch (view from the Giacometti house in Capolago, Maloja), energetic, detailed.

– Rear flyleaf: top left: Nicolas Rolin; bottom: Madonna, from the Rolin Madonna by van Eyck (Louvre) (meticulous, early 1940s); right: front-on figure (early 1950s).

– Rear bookplate: view from the house in Capolago onto the plain, Lake Sils and the flank of Corvatsch; top left: list of eras (early script).

– Numerous markings in the text, margin notes on pp. 22, 31, 40.

The book is held in the library of the Kunsthaus Zürich with the reference code P 231:36

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Pencil on paper
26.0 x 20.0 x 2.5 cm
Kunsthaus Zürich, Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung, Donated by Bruno and Odette Giacometti, 2005
Object number
GS 263