Arnold von Salis: Die Kunst der Griechen (1922)

Illustrated book with 7 drawings.

– Drawings on the front and rear flyleaves: cabinet with busts, tankards and plates in the dining room in Stampa.

– Annotations on p. 81: Roman and Arabic numerals.

– Annotation p. 93: squiggle.

– Drawings as marginalia on p. 288: 3 heads.

– Sketches to figs 2 and 3 (plate section): ornamentation, inspired by the Minoan vessels reproduced.

– Drawings to fig. 11 (plate section): schematic copy ‘Marmorstatue eines Jünglings, München’ (Archaic kouros).

– Drawing to fig. 32 (plate section): Copy leg «Orpheus unter den Thrakern»

– Drawings to fig. 50 and 51 (plate section): ‘Aphrodite, Bronzestatuette, London’, copy of outlines.

– Drawings to fig. 52 (plate section): copy of the ‘Bronzestatue eines Herrschers, Rom’.

The book is held in the library of the Kunsthaus Zürich with the reference code P 231:8

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Pencil on paper
Kunsthaus Zürich, Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung, Donated by Bruno and Odette Giacometti, 1998
Object number
GS 189