Pocket-Tray, 1930

The concept espoused by the Surrealists, that works of art should depict phenomena from the unconscious raised to the level of everyday reality, was spelt out by Giacometti with exemplary clarity in his ‘Vide-Poche’. The base is replaced by an everyday object – a small tray into which the user can empty the contents of a pocket – which, rather than distancing the spheres of art and life from each other, serves instead to bind them inextricably together.

17.5 x 19.5 x 29.5 cm
Kunsthaus Zürich, Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung, Donated by Bruno and Odette Giacometti, 1988
Object number
GS 165
  • ab 1988, Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft | Kunsthaus Zürich (Museum), Zürich, Leihgabe
  • ab 1988, Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung (Sammlung), Zürich, Geschenk
  • o.D. – 1988, Bruno und Odette Giacometti, Nachlass
  • Alberto Giacometti (*1901 Borgonovo bei Stampa, +1966 Chur) (Künstler/-in)