ʻCubeʼ was created as a cast of a preceding model. Subsequently, it was slightly reworked by Giacometti. In 1959 and possibly in 1962, the plaster served as a template for bronze casts made using the sand-casting method. In the foundry, a reddish sealant was applied as a part of the sand casting process.

A drawing originally engraved into the plaster surface was filled in and eliminated before the second bronze casting.

After the second bronze casting, the surface was once again painted white and lightly patinated, which not only covered the remaining traces of the engraved drawing, but also the reddish coating applied in the foundry.

Plaster, painted white
95 x 54 x 59 cm
Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung, Donated by Bruno and Odette Giacometti, 2006
Object number
GS 298
  • Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung (Sammlung), Zürich, 2006, Geschenk
  • Bruno und Odette Giacometti, bis 2006, Nachlass
  • Alberto Giacometti